Sunday, October 7, 2012


Several years ago my Mom taught me how to knit.  That sparked a new "crafty" spirit in me and I've been making scarves ever since!  My sister in law discovered Wright's Simple Scarf Mesh and introduced me to the woven scarf.  They are my best sellers by far.  But I do make some other unique scarves! 

 Two of my woven scarves.  On is black with hints of purple and turquoise.  The other is shades of pink/rose.  I can make them in tans/neutrals, blues, purples, reds, and a few other combos.  I am in a bit of a panic though...when I went to order more mesh forms I discovered the already discontinued store item is not really available online anymore.  Oh my what will I do!!!!!

These are new this year...Loopy scarves.  I use a main color with the accent "seam" color.  They are super easy and quick to make, AND cute!

A new trendy yarn to use this year makes these ribbon/lace like scarves!  I need to get more made ASAP!

My T-shirt scarves.  Something new I made last year.  I have a few left and tons of t-shirts to make new ones this year, I just haven't gotten to them yet. 

I'm part of an annual Craft Fair every year and the date just keeps getting closer and closer and CLOSER!  Yikes!  If only I could make scarves during the work day. 


  1. Adorable scarves! You should sell on Etsy!!

    Second Grade Sparkle

    1. Thanks! I actually have an account but haven't posted my scarves there. If I get my act together I absolutely will!!