Sunday, September 30, 2012

Water, Water Everywhere

In my monthly planning I usually pick a scientific theme.  In August we just did fun experiments to get us used to the Scientific Process.  We did a really fun Skittles Experiment.  I found the idea on the wonderful Pre-K Pages.  It has a wonderful recording sheet to use.  It was a fun way to introduce experiments to my group!

In September I decided to look at water and its many abilities.  We talked about Dissolving and made Kool-Aid.  What better way to illustrate this concept is there!?  Next we talked about Absorbing by placing different things in an ice cube tray.  Each child was allowed to come use an eye dropper to drip water onto an item.  We then recorded whether the water was absorbed or not.  It took the cotton ball for EVER to absorb the water!  Our other two experiments involved more dissolving (sand, salt, flour) and evaporation.  I haven't taken a picture of the evaporation experiment, but we have 2 cups of water and are watching to see which one evaporates faster...plain water or salt water.  Next month we will talk about Magnets and Static!

Pirate Day!

I decided this year that we would spend the first 3 weeks of each month doing "work".  Our reward for this hard work would be to have a fun themed week at the end of each month.  Our first fun week was a Pirate Week. 

I found a fun Pirate Pack on Homeschool Creations that we used during the first part of our week so that we had some learning experiences.  I slide tracing, which one is different, and pattern printables into the Dry Erase Pockets that I found at the Target Dollar Spot this summer.  The kids love them! 

Finally the day arrived and everyone came dressed the part.  After recieving our Treasure Maps, we talked about our plan.  I hand drew our route on roughed-up paper grocery bag pieces.  They knew they were to find clues and use the pictures on the map to figure out where the clues were.  Our last spot, where the treasure was hidden was in our Courtyard.  There is a Koi pond and some turtles that live there.  Needless to say the class was more interested in finding those creatures when we got there and walked RIGHT PAST the treasure!  Finally somone spied it and we opened it cautiously.  We weren't sure if it was booby trapped!  Everyone recieved their own pirate treasure bag - filled with mostly non-candy items.  Upon returning to our room, we had a snack that I found on good ole Pinterest.  We had a great time and we were ALL exhausted. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hi!  First, thank you SO much for taking a minute to visit my brand new blog!  I was inspired to start this blog after becoming VERY addicted to teacher blogs over the summer.  I noticed right away that there were a ton of Kindergarten blogs - and they are amazing!!!!  But I teach Pre-K and was disappointed in the selection.  Since beginning the long designing process I have discovered a few more Pre-K/Early Childhood blogs that are very noteworthy!  I will add them to my favorites like and encourage you to check them out. 

A little about me - other than what you can read quickly, I am from Central Illinois, but have lived in Nashville since September 2000.  I moved here to work for Bright Horizons.  I gave nearly 11 years of my life to the company and learned many things.  I ultimately left to find myself in terms of teaching.  In other words, I was miserable where I was and needed to try something new.  I found a new Pre-K teaching job soon after that and have loved every minute of it!  I have wonderful families, wonderful co-workers, and a big classroom!  This it the first time I have really been able to plan my themes and projects, decorate my own room, and teach in a style that merges all that I have learned over the years.  I want to share some classroom pictures with you all.  I'll do that in just a bit.

My goal for this blog is to share what I'm doing, both in my classroom and in my craft ventures.  I also want to become a resource for all things early childhood.  I don't yet create my own items for Teachers Pay Teachers, but that could become something I do along the journey. 

This is the bulletin board in my art center.  Inspired by something I did with my wonderful co-teacher at BHFS, each child has their own Art Clip.  Each month we put a new piece of art up for each child.  Having their own clips helps me see who needs to do a little creating!.
I collect stars so I was determined to incorporate stars into my room without it becoming Patriotic.  My color scheme is black, white, pink, and green.  Other neon colors have found their way into the mix.  These are the kids in my class - yes I only have 8 this year.  Its nuts to have a small class.  Definitely a challenge for me.  I used my Cricut to make these.  The background is wrapping paper!  Genius idea I found from a teacher blog, or Pinterest.  :-)

This is where my parents sign in each morning.  On the big clip to the left are general reminder notes for them to check for info in their cubbies.  This also sits in front of my parent board. 

Also near my sign in sheet is my Love Notes mailbox.  Family members are welcome to leave their loved one a special note that I read to them later in the morning. 

I'll add more, including my daily schedule, circle time, more decorative goodies. 

Thanks again and be sure to Grab My Button!