Sunday, October 14, 2012

Adventures of Pete the Cat!

I knew before the summer started that I wanted to use Pete the Cat in my classroom a lot this year.  So, he became our Class Mascot!  Last year we used Scaredy Squirrel in the same way - although just as a take home friend.  Families would take Scaredy home and return him to school with a photo diary entry of his adventures with them.  It was a HUGE hit!  So, I knew that Pete would be just as exciting becuase the class LOVED Pete!  Since I work in a Child Care Setting - as a licensed early childhood teacher - I was going to have 6 kids returning to my class this year.  Anywho....on to Pete!  He has been home with one family so far and been on a field trip to a Pumpkin Farm with us.  As the year goes on I will absolutely document his adventures!  I bought the Mascot pack last year from Erica Bohrer's TPT site, but this year I made my own Pete book.  It appears I have forgotten to take a picture of this actual book, but i will!

Here is what I have in the book:

Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes
Pete the Cat, Rockin in My School Shoes
(And the stories/songs for both on CD)

Pete the Cat count and clip game
(Making Learning Fun)

The Adventure log - in the log I have directions for how to use Pete, everyone's entries, a blank "frame" for kids to color and place a picture of them with Pete for us to hang on the Wall of Fame. 

Pete the Cat stuffed toy

Here is Pete on our Field Trip!


  1. I LOVE Pete the Cat! I know the kiddos love taking him home. =)

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    1. Hmmmm I put a follow by email spot on there.....thanks for the tip I'm so new to this and am doing it all on my own. Ill look into it!!! And I will absolutely look at your blog!!

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  3. I LOVEE Pete the Cat! He is such a funny little character :) I'm having such a great time exploring your blog. I nominated you for a Liebster award... check it out here: