Sunday, September 30, 2012

Water, Water Everywhere

In my monthly planning I usually pick a scientific theme.  In August we just did fun experiments to get us used to the Scientific Process.  We did a really fun Skittles Experiment.  I found the idea on the wonderful Pre-K Pages.  It has a wonderful recording sheet to use.  It was a fun way to introduce experiments to my group!

In September I decided to look at water and its many abilities.  We talked about Dissolving and made Kool-Aid.  What better way to illustrate this concept is there!?  Next we talked about Absorbing by placing different things in an ice cube tray.  Each child was allowed to come use an eye dropper to drip water onto an item.  We then recorded whether the water was absorbed or not.  It took the cotton ball for EVER to absorb the water!  Our other two experiments involved more dissolving (sand, salt, flour) and evaporation.  I haven't taken a picture of the evaporation experiment, but we have 2 cups of water and are watching to see which one evaporates faster...plain water or salt water.  Next month we will talk about Magnets and Static!

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