Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pirate Day!

I decided this year that we would spend the first 3 weeks of each month doing "work".  Our reward for this hard work would be to have a fun themed week at the end of each month.  Our first fun week was a Pirate Week. 

I found a fun Pirate Pack on Homeschool Creations that we used during the first part of our week so that we had some learning experiences.  I slide tracing, which one is different, and pattern printables into the Dry Erase Pockets that I found at the Target Dollar Spot this summer.  The kids love them! 

Finally the day arrived and everyone came dressed the part.  After recieving our Treasure Maps, we talked about our plan.  I hand drew our route on roughed-up paper grocery bag pieces.  They knew they were to find clues and use the pictures on the map to figure out where the clues were.  Our last spot, where the treasure was hidden was in our Courtyard.  There is a Koi pond and some turtles that live there.  Needless to say the class was more interested in finding those creatures when we got there and walked RIGHT PAST the treasure!  Finally somone spied it and we opened it cautiously.  We weren't sure if it was booby trapped!  Everyone recieved their own pirate treasure bag - filled with mostly non-candy items.  Upon returning to our room, we had a snack that I found on good ole Pinterest.  We had a great time and we were ALL exhausted. 

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